Mission and Vision

May/June 2017 is a time of celebration for Holy Communion. As we wrap up an academic year, we are celebrating incredible growth and progress on goals we set for ourselves as a parish. We host a Mission Goals Celebration June 4 after the 10:30am service. We’ll have a big cake and a sparkling toast to a year where we met, exceeded, and made deep progress on goals we set as a congregation.

As we celebrate, we are also looking ahead. We want to hear from the congregation about your hopes and dreams for next year. The Vestry will again set goals, based on our three values: Welcome, Diversity, and Community. Below you can see some background on the Mission and Vision Process, and read about our progress on the 2016/2017 goals.

In the coming days and weeks, the Vestry invites you to take a moment to fill out our survey about Mission and Vision, both celebrating the work of this year, and looking to the year ahead.

Take the Survey today (click here).


In 2015, The Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion, with the leadership of the vestry, engaged a process one-on-one meetings with members and small gatherings in homes and at the church. Through this listening process we identified three “core values” that we share as a congregation:

Welcome, Diversity, and Community

At our Annual Meeting in January 0f 2016, we gathered the whole congregation in discussion of these values, and based on the conversations and surveys the Vestry adopted the following Mission Statement:

Holy Communion Mission Statement

The Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion is a welcoming and diverse community seeking to walk in the way of Jesus and to reveal Christ’s reconciling love in our city, nation, and world.


The vestry used all of the feedback gathered to create a set of strategic goals for the parish. What follows is an update on our progress:

STRATEGIC GOALS for 2016/2017


  • All new visitors will receive a personal touch/follow up.
    • New Visitors are receiving welcome letters and an invitation to meet with the rector.
  • Increase Average Sunday Attendance to 125.
    • Our Average Sunday Attendance for 2016 was exactly 125, representing a 12% increase over the reported average of the past 10 years. As of April 23, 2017 our Average Sunday Attendance for 2017 is 156.
  • Increase weekly email recipients list from 198 to 300.
    • Our weekly email list now has 302 recipients, with an average open rate of about 50%


  • Increase diversity of leadership in worship, and in participation in parish life.
    • We have been paying strategic attention to the diversity of readers, altar servers, ushers, and those who stand up front on Sunday morning, and working to intentionally invite diverse participation in the life of the parish at all levels.
  • Create and publicly communicate a diversity statement.
    • The Diversity Committee is currently drafting a statement. We hope this process will be completed this summer.
  • Convene conversations regarding Church & Diversity.
    • We have held adult forums at the Church, and have participated in Diocesan level events. At the end of February, the Diocesan Anti-Racism Committee hosted a “state of anti-racism work” conversation at Holy Communion and unveiled a portrait of The Rev. Emery Washington, our late Priest Associate. We hope to continue to expand these offerings.
  • Increase diversity in our music program.
    • Our choir has been leading the church in music from more diverse sources, and we have launched a children’s and youth choir.


Internal Goals

  • Increase participation in parish events from 30 to 50 people per week.
    • Thanks to the hard work of our “Party and Prayers” group, we have seen a large increase in participation in social events like the Dinner Group, Fall Festival, and Advent Party. Theology on Tap also continues to grow. We discovered this year that these numbers are hard to quantify, so finding a reliable method of tracking may be included in next years goals.
  • Create a Strategy for Pastoral Care and communicate it to the parish.
    • The Rev. Marc Smith held a training for new Lay Eucharistic Visitors. His presence with us has greatly increased our capacity for clergy pastoral care. Before the end of May, we will publish a print brochure and website page about Pastoral Care at Holy Communion.

External Goals

  • Raise Holy Communion’s profile in community by identifying 10-15 “soft relationships” with community partners.
    • We identified over 15 relationships that already existed at the start of this process. Moving ahead we are looking to intentionally cultivate 2-3 new partners (like Cristosal in El Salvador)
  • In one year we will launch and assess an outreach ministry based on a community need.
    • Holy Communion has built a team that plans to launch a “Laundry Love” ministry in mid-summer/early Fall.