Mission and Vision

Welcome, Diversity, and Community

Through a process of one to one conversations, house meetings, and with a vote of the vestry and the annual meeting of the parish, Holy Communion discerned that we share three values as a congregation. These values arose from listening to one another, hearing the themes that arose when we asked ourselves the questions: “What brought you to Holy Communion?” “What keeps you at Holy Communion?” and “What do you want your neighbors to know about Holy Communion?” Again and again we heard these three values articulated: Welcome, Diversity and Community.

We decided to write those values into our mission statement, and to set goals for our congregation based on the values.

Holy Communion Mission Statement

The Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion is a welcoming and diverse community seeking to walk in the way of Jesus and to reveal Christ’s reconciling love in our city, nation, and world.

We had a very successful first program year, meeting or exceeding the goals we set for 2016/2017. You can read about those goals in our 2017 summer newsletter.

The vestry agreed to new goals through June 2018.


Enhance infrastructure for Newcomer’s welcome


  • Create a physical “welcome space” or “table”
  • Establish a rota with assigned greeters after each 10:30am service

Increase our visibility in the neighborhood


  • Add 2 outdoor festivals, parades, or music events.
  • Update signage inside and outside the building.

Create system for guiding newcomers from welcome to engagement


  • Grow and track growth for “threshold” events and ministries (egg Theology on Tap, Laundry Love, Trinity Meal, Music Festivals, Adult Forums, Parents’ Group etc.)
  • Track the progression between joining the church for worship and joining these groups or events.

Grow average Sunday attendance to 140 by December 31, 2017.



Finalize the Diversity Statement and host conversations with various groups and ministries about the meaning of this statement and value for the congregation.

Explore and bring to the congregation resources from worship in other cultural traditions.

Convene at least two interfaith gatherings of more that 25 people.

Ensure opportunities for fellowship and participation across all generations.


Community (Inside our walls):

Create better systems of tracking attendance/engagement.

Add at least two events, one being youth focused

Average 25 or more children and youth in regular participation.


Community (Outside our walls):

Implement “Laundry Love” as a ministry of Holy Communion. 

  • Strategy:  Host 10 “Laundry Love” events over the course of the program year.

Provide Space for the work of God’s kingdom done by other organizations

  • Strategy: Complete construction on Gannon House and have a Community Partner begin using the space.

Strengthen Relationship with Cristosal and El Salvador

  • Strategy: Host a gathering for at least 80 people and involving academic institutions and other partners.

Establish relationships with at least two other (non-Christian) faith communities.

Establish a new community partner relationship related to youth around music and/or contemplative prayer that expands beyond our walls.