Parish Guild

The Parish Guild is the longest standing social and spiritual organization at Holy Communion, originally the “Ladies guild” in recent years the name has been changed to reflect a welcome of all people to join in.

In Easter

We are continuing our reading “Not Less than Everything” a collection of short reflections on saints, official and unofficial. All are welcome to join us the First and Third Wednesday of each month at 11am. You can pick up a copy of the book at church for a requested donation of $15.

Calendar of readings:

  • February 21, we’ll read the chapter “The Buried Life” on Bede Griffiths by Paula Huston.
  • February 28, we’ll read the chapters “The Woman who wouldn’t” on Hildegaard Von Bingen by Sister Joan Chittister, and “The Worthless Sevant” on Charles Strobel by Ann Pachett
  • For March 7, we’ll read the chapters “Apostle to the Apostles” on Mary Magdalene by Lisa Cahill, and “Send My Roots Rain” on Gerard Manley Hopkins by Colm Toibin
  • For March 14, we’ll read the chapters “God or Gold” on Bartolome de Las Casas by Robert Ellsberg and “Every Day, Yes or No?” on Dorothy Day by Patrick Jordon
  • For March 21, we’ll read the chapter “A Beautiful and Difficult Truth” on Oscar Romero by Jim Shephard
  • For April 4, we’ll read the chapter “The Saint of the Impossible” on Simone Weil by Mary Gordon
  • For April 17, we’ll read two chapters: the first on Edward Schillebeeckx by Robert McClory, and the second on Fr. Horace MCKenna, S.J. by Alice McDermott.

Members of the guild commit themselves to four values:

  • Worship: Guild members attend worship regularly on Sunday, and on the first and third Wednesday of the month for the 12:10pm service.
  • Study: Guild members meet on the first and third Wednesday of the month at 11 am. The gathering always begins with a book or bible study with the clergy.
  • Service: Guild members meet once a month to pack rice for local food pantries, and join in the service and justice work of the church.
  • Fellowship: Guild members gather for meetings and service, but they also gather to enjoy one another’s company and to have fun.

All are welcome to join with the parish guild. For more information, contact Parish Guild President Laurie Hansell.