Are you new to Holy Communion? To the Episcopal Church? To Christianity? Are you just looking to know more about the tradition? Join us for Pilgrimage our course exploring themes in Christian thought  and practice through the Episcopal tradition.

This class is especially suited for newcomers, but it is open to all who are exploring.

Starting this Fall, Pilgrimage will take a new format. Pilgrimage will take place across 4 sessions on Sunday afternoons, following the 10:30am Service. We will begin with lunch at 12:15pm and finish by 2:15p.

The dates for Fall 2017 are:

  • September 17: How do we hold the Bible? 

This class will take a look at the Bible, including discussing modern scholarship on the origins of the various documents in the text. We’ll also explore how the Bible has been interpreted historically, and tackle some of the “big controversies” such as the Bible’s views on creation, the role of women, and sexual orientation. We will ask, do you have to read Scripture as a fundamentalist to take it seriously?

  • October 8: Prayer and Worship

To be a liturgical Christian is to know you walk a particularly well-worn path. The words and gestures used in church have been passed down through the ages, but they also can be a bit inaccessible to new worshipers. In this class we will take a look at prayer practices, both individual “contemplative” practices and we will walk our way through a Sunday service, pausing to answer questions along the way. (take a look at the video at the bottom of this page, which we discuss in this class).

  • November 12: All Saints and Sinners 

Episcopalians have a particular way of thinking about church. In some ways we’re similar to the Catholics, in some ways to the Protestants, and sometimes we have a very peculiar way of doing church. We’ll take a look at the history and organization of the Episcopal church, we’ll talk about who has the authority to set doctrine and church priorities, and we’ll also talk about how some particular Episcopalians have lived radical lives in witness to their faith. We’ll talk about Episcopalians who “changed the world.”

  • December 10: Who is God? 

This final session of Pilgrimage brings together the breadth of the other topics to focus on what faith means today. We talk about “theology” we use words for the experience of God. In this final session, just two weeks before Christmas, we ask what it means to “believe” or “have faith” in God.What does it mean to say we believe people to be “called” by God? How can “God” help us to live an authentic life?

To “graduate” from Pilgrimage, we ask that you attend at least 3 of the 4 courses offered. If you can’t make 3, that’s alright. We’ll offer the course again in the Spring. Come when you can. When you’ve made it through 3, you’ve graduated.

If you have questions please contact the rector at mangell@holycommunion.net


A video from our last class: