El Salvador Pilgrimage May 26-June 2

Discernment for 2016-2017

In the 2016-2017 year Holy Communion is discerning a potential partnership with the Anglican Church of El Salvador through the Anglican-founded non-governmental organization Cristosal. Noah Bullock, the Executive Director of Cristosal preached and presented a Symposium at Holy Communion on October 8 and 9, 2016.

The next step was a pilgrimage to El Salvador.

The rector and a group of 13 parishioners travelled to El Salvador as pilgrims from May 26-June 2. Pilgrimage is traditionally understood as a journey to a place where God has acted. Throughout the Salvadoran Civil War the church in El Salvador was engaged. The Anglican Cathedral in San Salvador served as a refugee camp for those displaced by conflict. Archbishop Oscar Romero stood with the persecuted poor of his country, and was assassinated in 1979. His death set off the war. He is remembered as a saint in The Episcopal Church along with a group of Salvadoran nuns and Jesuit theologians who martyred during the war. We prayed in places associated with these historic acts of faith on our journey.

We also participated, with Cristosal in a conference on State Violence, and Human Rights based community organizing. We learned alongside Salvadorans, also participating in the conference, and we contemplated together how we might work for justice through faith.

After the trip, the pilgrims reported back to the congregation on June 11 at a special forum. We are recommending that the Vestry enter into a longterm partnership with Cristosal.

Photo of the forum:

Our El Salvador pilgrims reported to the congregation, and recommend that we enter a longterm partnership with @fundacioncristosal

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A few photos from our trip:

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The wall of “truth and memory” with the names of 30,000 lost or disappeared during the war.

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Mike celebrated the service in Spanish Sunday at San Juan, at the invitation of the rector. #anglicanos

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We are all connected. #youth #organizing #jovenes

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