Introduction to the 2017 Annual Giving Campaign

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Over the next weeks, the leadership of the church asks you to prayerfully consider making a financial pledge to Holy Communion for 2017. This year our campaign theme is “Answer the Call.”

How many of you remember the time when your home phone would ring and you had no idea who was on the other end?  It could be annoying sales call but it could also be the host of a TV game show with a chance to win!  At the very least, it could be a dear friend with whom you hadn’t spoken in years. Regardless, there was a hint of anticipation as you lifted the receiver and said your tentative “Hello?”

This month marks the beginning of our Every Member Canvass. It is during this time that we check in with members of the parish and ask each household to make their pledge for 2017.  As members of Holy Communion, we are invited to respond to God’s call through volunteerism, through prayer, and through giving. The Stewardship Committee and Vestry will make telephone calls in late November as a reminder to those from whom we have not heard.

Giving is a spiritual act just as much as prayer.  Making an annual pledge to the church expresses a commitment to give. Your pledge says “this is important to me.”  It is as much an inward work of faith as it is an outward sign of support.  When you make a pledge to the church, you are telling yourself that you are committed to living a life of faith and to supporting the work that God has prepared for us.  A pledge is a concrete spiritual practice, a way of answering God’s call.

If you have any questions about pledging or stewardship you can contact me, the committee chair, at or via phone at (314) 517-3907.   You should receive a pledge card in the mail. You can also make your pledge online:

Pledge Today by clicking here

We will celebrate the Ingathering of Pledges at services on Sunday, November 13th.

God is calling you right now.  Will you pick up?

Your sister in Christ,

Helen S. Burton