Love is Brave: Magdalene House visit on March 19

My husband Ellis has one of my favorite t-shirts. It’s purple and says in big letters “Love is Brave.” He’s worn it lately at a number of protests and demonstrations. I’m always a little jealous. But that’s okay because on Sunday, I’m going to buy my own.
The Rev. Hope Jernagen will be with us as guest preacher at both services on March 19, and to present at our adult forum. She’ll be talking about the work of Magdalene St. Louis, a  new program, founded through the Episcopal church. Magdalene is a residential community for women who have survived lives of sexual exploitation, violence and addiction. Women receive up to two years of housing, healthcare, and a compassionate community of sisterhood and support.
The “Love is Brave” t-shirt is part of a social enterprise created by the women of Magdalene, Bravely. The women help to make these feisty/awesome shirts, and gain valuable job experience in sales, marketing, website management, and the like, experience that will help them find work when they graduate from the program. Magdalene is teaching us that Love is Brave. I hope you’ll join us Sunday as we hear their story.