Questions for America

On Sundays July 2 and 9, our rector will preach a sermon series on the topic: “Questions for America.”

Maybe you find yourself facing the celebrations with mixed feelings. Does reading or listening to the news these days leave you feeling tired, frustrated, even outraged at the state of our nation?
The stories we’re reading in church from the Hebrew Bible right now center around Abraham and Sarah, Rachel, Leah, and Jacob. These stories are beautiful: think of Abraham and the stars, Sarah’s laughter, Rachel at the well. The stories are also problematic. The Bible gives us a chance to reflect on the power of founding stories, just as we remember the birth of our country.
In a sermon series this Sunday and next, I have some questions for America:
  • Who does “America” belong to, as an idea? As a reality?
  • Can protest be prayer?
  • What will America be for the coming generations?
We hope you’ll join us for this series, especially if you’re having mixed feelings as we celebrate our nation this coming week.
Listen to the first in the series: