Welcome Brooklyn Payne as Director of Youth Ministries

Brooklyn Payne, who served last year as our service corps member in Panama has joined the staff of Holy Communion as Director of Youth Ministries.

Brooklyn will be leading our youth group and their bi-weekly Faithquest gatherings starting September 17. You can read more about our youth program on the Youth Ministry page.

Brooklyn writes about her history in our parish:

“My family have been members of Holy Communion since the 1960s and still attend there.

I grew up attending Sunday school every Sunday morning. I was an acolyte, a reader of the Psalms, a babysitter in the nursery and a member of the youth group. I have served on the Trinity Hot Lunch Program serving our guest as long as I can remember. I participated in the Christmas and Easter pageants. When I became old enough, I was in the youth group where I went on many mission trips serving under the direction of Karen Sterbenz, the Rev. Rebecca Ragland and the Rev. John Stratton. I enjoyed my service as a young Episcopalian. If friends spent the night at my house, it was automatic that they attend church with me on Sunday morning. I guess I was an evangelist even back then!

From age six to eleven, I accompanied my mom to vestry meetings. (Yes, six consecutive years!) I did my homework and played quietly around the church during the meeting. Two hours was about my limit, and by that time the meeting was ending.”

You can see Brooklyn in a video about the Young Adult Service Corps below:

You can reach Brooklyn via email at youth@holycommunion.net