resources for 12-step groups

12-Step groups and the Health Emergency

Holy Communion is proud of our history of providing space for our neighbors. For years at least as many folks have come to 12 step meetings here each week as have come to church. Just as church gatherings are suspended, each of our 12 step and other community groups have also voluntarily stopped meeting in person. We know these are stressful times, and we look forward to resuming in person meetings one day. Until then, we offer the following:

Online and Over the Phone Resources

If you are looking for a way to get to a meeting: Holy Communion recommends the Online Intergroup website for Alcoholics Anonymous. This online directory offers groups via video chat, voice chat, phone call, texting, and email.

We’ve featured some telephone only groups below as an example of the groups listed on the Online Intergroup website. This information will also be posted at the entrances for people who show up to the church campus looking for a group to join.

HoCo IT Support

If your group is new to navigating online meetings and you would like assistance please contact our Director of Operations, Cheyanne Lovellette, for assistance.