2019 Nominations

The following people are nominated serve a three year term on the Vestry.

Warren Davis

A native St. Louisan and lifelong Episcopalian, Warren first attended Holy Communion on Palm Sunday, 2015.  Soon thereafter, he transferred from Grace Episcopal Church in Kirkwood, where he had been a member since 2007.  Warren’s son Christian is a delegate to Diocesan Convention, his wife Emily is the vicar of St. Thomas Deaf Episcopal Church in Kirkwood and his mother Jean is a longtime member of Holy Communion. 

Warren has helped serve with Trinity Hot Lunch as well as with Laundry Love.  (At home he frequently does the family laundry because he believes in rack-drying!)  In June 2017, Warren traveled with others from Holy Communion to El Salvador to take part in a Cristosal seminar.  Professionally, he is an academic advisor in the College of Arts & Sciences at Washington University, a position he has held for nearly 25 years.  He looks forward to serving Holy Communion as a member of its vestry.

Warren is running for his first term on vestry.

Shirley Mensah

Shirley currently serves as Senior Warden of the Vestry and is running for a second term

Shirley is an Episcopalian who emigrated to the United States from Liberia at the age of 10 following a military coup d’état. She was baptized at St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Monrovia, Liberia’s capital city. Her family settled in Wilmington, Delaware, and very soon thereafter became active members of the Cathedral Church of St. John. In 1992, she moved to St. Louis to attend law school and began attending services, and even occasionally serving as a substitute Sunday School teacher, at Christ Church Cathedral.

After deciding to live in University City, Shirley first attended Holy Communion in 2005 while searching for a new Church home with her husband Paul. Shirley became Senior Warden of the Vestry in June of 2018. She has also served on the Diocesan Disciplinary board.

Outside of Church, Shirley is kept busy by her two daughters (Ava and Olivia) and by her work as a United States Magistrate Judge.

Shirley is running for a second term on vestry.

Megan Ondr-Cooper

Megan is a native to St. Louis and grew up in the Southern Baptist Church. She worked as an intern at her church’s youth group while in graduate school. After earning her Master of Social Work from SLU in 2015, Megan sought out a diverse and welcoming church with a passion for social justice. She and her husband Bryant have been attending Holy Communion since fall 2015. Megan was confirmed and became a member of Holy Communion in February 2016. 

Outside of the church, Megan is passionate about her job as the Manager of Analysis & Outcomes at Voices for Children, a nonprofit advocating for children in foster care in St. Louis. She loves to read, travel with Bryant, and cuddle with their Mini Aussie, Bear. She would be honored for the opportunity to serve Holy Communion through being a member of the vestry.

Megan is running for her first full term on vestry. She served one previous year, elected to succeed Mary Haggerty who resigned to attend seminary.


The following people are nominated as delegates and alternate delegates to Diocesan Convention:

Colleen Haggerty

Colleen Haggerty was received as an Episcopalian at Holy Communion by Bishop Wayne Smith in August of 2017. She heard about the church through her parents Bill and Mary Haggerty. Colleen grew up in St. Louis, Denver, and in the Netherlands. She graduated from Parkway South High School in St. Louis County. Colleen attended the College of St. Benedict/St. John’s University and was active in campus ministry.

Colleen has been active in our 20s and 30s group, Theology on Tap, Party and Prayers, and with the children’s ministry of laundry love. She is thrilled for the opportunity to take part in the Diocesan Convention

Outside of Church, Colleen is studying for her master’s in library science and is working in St. Louis County’s library system.

First Alternate: Ilena Albarron

Ilena Albarron was also received into the Episcopal Church at Holy Communion in August of 2017 by Bishop Smith.  She found Holy Communion through her sister Kara Cummins and brother-in-law Andy Ludwig. Ilena grew up in Willow, California in the Chico area. She received her teaching credential from CalState Sacramento.

Ilena helped to form the children’s activity ministry alongside Laundry Love. She has also been active in our 20s and 30s group, Theology on Tap, and with the renovation of our house on Gannon.

Ilena was selected as a lay representative from Holy Communion on the search committee for the next bishop of Missouri.

Outside Church, Ilena has worked in elementary education and currently teaches preschool at Little Sunshine in Ladue. She also has “first dibs” on babysitting her nephew Walter and his siblings!

Second Alternate: Scott Ferguson

Scott Ferguson previously served as the Vestry’s Senior Warden. He joined Holy Communion in 2010.   For several years now he has been serving as Holy Communion’s coordinator for the Hot Lunch mission at Trinity Episcopal as well as volunteering during the week at their pantry. As an extension of this ministry in our Diocese, Scott serves on the Hunger Task Force. Scott also served on the search committee for our current rector and has rediscovered his youth as an acolyte.

In his other life, Scott for many years co-owned a commercial photography studio in town and more recently has moved into videography, editing and directing.  He and his wife, Laura, have two grown children.