Advocating with the Trans/Gender Expansive Community

This year Holy Communion has set a goal of learning from and advocating with our trans/gender expansive community. We are currently working to develop programming and reaching out to potential partners in our region. There are already members of our congregation who identify as trans or nonbinary, but this conversation is new to many of us. Learning language and behavior that helps more fully welcome folks who identify beyond the binary will take work. Learning to stand up with the community will take commitment. We will do this work.

We will do this work because we believe every human being is created in the image and likeness of God. Too often faith is used as a reason for exclusion, for discrimination. Most importantly, we will do this work because our kids’ lives depend on this work. Our neighbors lives depend on our voices. Suicide rates in the trans community are among the highest of any group.

Jesus told his friends, “I came that you might have life, and have it in abundance.” At Holy Communion we believe diversity is an expression of God’s abundance. That is true of race. It is true of color. And it is true of gender expression. Diversity of gender expression and identity is a gift from God. Trans people are loved by God. Trans lives matter. Trans lives are a witness to the abundant love of God.


As we are working to develop our own programming for Holy Communion. We encourage folks to engage with Metro Trans Umbrella Group:

Across the Church

TransEpiscopal is a group of transgender and allied Episcopalians dedicated to fostering the full embrace of trans and nonbinary people, and our loved ones within the Episcopal Church and to inspiring faith-based advocacy for trans justice in the wider world. Their site holds all sorts of resources for people of faith to learn more about the inclusion of gender expansive folks.