Annual Meeting 2021

Thank you to all who showed up for our Annual Meeting.

This year’s annual meeting had to look different from years past. (Click here for a full video of last year’s meeting). Reports are available below.

Annual Meeting is an important moment in the life of an Episcopal Church. As a denomination, we are governed by our members. At the Annual Meeting we make important decisions together. We elect our representatives to the wider church governance body: the diocesan convention. We elect members of our vestry, the board which governs the parish throughout the year.

Annual Meeting (voting session) Video:

Reports of Ministries:

2021 Annual Meeting Presentations:

Presenting the reports of the Annual Meeting that would usually have been given in person. If you click the arrow at the bottom, or the playlist lines in the top right corner of the video, you can select which presentation you’d like to watch: The Wardens’ Report, the Treasurer’s Report, and the Vestry Nominee Presentations are all included.