How to Set Up Automatic Pledge Payments

(This page is also available as a printable PDF, so you can have it in hand while away from this page. Click here and hit “File: Print” to print a copy.)

Did you know that you can now give online?

You can now set up your Pledge and Capital Campaign gifts to automatically deduct from your checking account or credit card each month using our new online directory software, Church Community Builder.

To find the online directory:

Click Here to go to the online directory site

(You can also always find it on the Holy Communion webpage by hovering over “Community” in the Menu and then clicking “Online Directory.”)

Signing in to the online directory.

Once you have reached the login page, if you don’t already know your password, you can click the link that says

Create account

Fill in your name, email address, and phone number. If you have an email address that is already in the church directory, the system will send you a link with your password. If your email is not in the system, an administrator will send you one within a couple of business days.

If you ever forget your password, simply click

“Forgot password?”

type in your email and a new password will be sent immediately to that email address.

Setting up a repeating gift

Once you are logged into the Directory, take a look at the Menu on the left side of your Window. Click on the “Give” Link and it will take you to a new page in the Directory

Here you can choose to make a one time gift to a particular fund, or set up a “repeating gift” using your bank account or credit card number.*

Repeating Gift

Be sure you specify whether you want this gift to count toward your Pledge (Each year is a different option, so choose carefully), the Capital Campaign, or another fund.

If you’d like to set up multiple repeating gifts, say you’re setting up a Capital Campaign gift and a Pledge, you can click “add another” beneath the first gift and another entry line will appear.

You can specify your giving to happen weekly, every two weeks, monthly, quarterly, or yearly. You can also tell the system how many total gifts to make. (Select 12 to give a full year if you have selected “monthly”).

Seeing your Online Statement


You can also see your up to date giving history, and any scheduled gifts. Near the top of the “Give” page you’ll see another menu, pictured above. If you click Schedules/History or Pledges, you’ll see new screens that report on your current giving and the balance of your pledge.

Please note that we record giving about twice a month. A gift made online may not appear on your statement immediately, because we need to double check the giving against our records before the gift is “posted.” If you need a letter or statement from our office detailing giving, please let us know. We will try and get it to you as quickly as possible, simply contact the church office.

* We pay a small percentage on each credit card gift or checking account gift through our system. As a rule, giving from checking or savings is better for the church. We pay about 1% on gifts from a checking or savings account. We pay about 3% on a gift from a credit card. You could add a small amount to your gift to help cover these fees, if you choose. In any case, the church remains grateful for your regular giving!