Bible 101

This Summer Holy Communion is going to take some time with Scripture. Each Sunday, after our livecast worship service, we’ll invite the congregation to explore the Bible. Each we will be different. We might pick a specific chapter, a book, or even a theme that flows through many of the Bible’s books. There is no sign up. Just sign in for virtual coffee hour, the link will come to everyone on our email list. 10 or so minutes into coffee hour, the host will ask folks who would like to join in the class, and the online chat will be divided into groups.

  • June 28: Encountering the Bible today with the Rector: Mike will lead a wide-ranging discussion looking at the composition of the Bible, modern scholarship about the origins of various parts of the texts, and ways to approach the Bible prayerfully.
  • July 5: In Recess for the Holiday Weekend
  • July 12: Gardens and Creation Karen Flotte, leader of Central Reform Congregation’s “Mitzvah Garden” will be with us to talk about Scripture and Creation, especially from a Jewish perspective.
  • July 19: An Introduction to the Psalms with the Rev. Marc Smith with a focus on their role in history, prayer and worship.

More dates will be announced in the weeks ahead!