Stations of the Cross

We invite you to walk the stations of the cross with us…

The Rector, Seminarian Meg Goldstein, Janice Nihill, and Ellis Anderson lead the Stations of the Cross based on a set by the African American artist Alan Rohan Crite on display at Holy Communion. The originals are on display at All Saints and Ascension Episcopal Church in Northwoods. We are grateful to their vestry for permission to use these stations.

You can hit play on the button below, and then walk through the church. Or, at home you might simply choose to scroll through the images below or even go out on a walk to pray.

Hit pause between the stations. Start again when you’re ready for the next step.

(“Were you there?” sung by the Holy Communion Choir, arranged by John Purifoy. Used by permission from OneLicense #A-704988)

The First Station: Jesus is Condemned to Die

The Second Station: Jesus takes up his Cross

The Third Station: The Cross is laid on Simon of Cyrene

The Fourth Station: Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem

The Fifth Station: Jesus is stripped of his garments

The Sixth Station: Jesus is nailed to the cross

The Seventh Station: Jesus dies on the cross

The Eighth Station: the body of Jesus is placed in the arms of his mother

The Ninth Station: Jesus is laid in the tomb

Holy Land Pilgrimage July 2018

The Rector will lead a pilgrimage to the Holy Land from July 3-13, 2018 with St. George’s College. 

Over the course of the 10 day trip, pilgrims will thoroughly explore the Holy Land. Highlights include visits to Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Jericho, Nazareth, the Jordan River, Gethsemane, and even an opportunity to float in the Dead Sea!

You can read about the course on St. George’s website by clicking here.

The cost for the land portion of the trip is $2400 and includes accommodations in a double room, all meals, transportation in Israel via deluxe bus, entrance fees, and tips for guest house/restaurant staff/bus driver. 

Each pilgrim is responsible for their own airfare to Tel Aviv. Limited need-based scholarships are available.

Here’s the handout from our meeting November 1

The early sign up date has passed, but there are still spaces open. If you’re interested, please send the rector an email.