Youth Ministry

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The middle and high schoolers of Holy Communion gathered together in late August to make nachos and set out their plans for 2019-20 program year. The youth declared, “We want to be a supportive community that takes action and learns through experience.” To be supportive of one another, they will gather monthly for food, fun, and reflection at noon one Sunday each month. To take action and learn through experience, the youth plan to prepare meals at World Food Day, serve lunch at Trinity Central West End, attend protest marches together, and more!

Contact The Rev. Laurie Anzilotti to get involved or with any questions.

Youth also join in our monthly game night.

Youth Care Core Co-Leaders

Julie Bennet and Ken Brown have stepped up as Youth Care Corps Co-leaders. Our youth set the goal of being a supportive community that takes action and learns through experience. We want to help work toward that goal!

Hi! My name is Julie Bennett, and I’ve been a member of Holy Communion for a little over a year now. I’m originally from Delaware, went to Davidson College in North Carolina, and after graduation last year, I packed up my whole life in my car and moved here to St. Louis to work in economic research. Throughout middle school, high school and college, I was a member of church youth groups, and I genuinely loved being a part of those communities. I deeply valued the opportunity to ask questions and have thoughtful discussions about faith, doubt, compassion, justice. To make friends, and build authentic relationships. To become involved with community outreach and service projects. To grow and change and reflect on what it means to be a person of faith and a citizen of the world. As a youth leader, I want to help foster a community that allows for the same opportunities for the youth at Holy Communion, and I hope to keep growing and learning right along with them. 

Hi! My name is Ken Brown, and I’ve been a member of Holy Communion for less than a year. I’m originally from New Hampshire, met my wife in Boston (on the set of a television commercial – long story), and we moved to Cleveland a few days after we got married. We moved here last year when my wife, Tami, accepted the opportunity to lead the new St. Louis Aquarium. I’ve been involved with youth ministry for 16 years. I got my start in youth ministry on a mission trip to Harlan, Kentucky where we worked on projects for residents ranging from new roofs to wheelchair ramps.Before that mission trip, I was meeting with the youth minister when he told me something that changed my life. He asked what I expected from the trip and I told him. He responded, “ok now throw that all away and let God give you what happens.” Following that advice, I became more deeply involved in the youth program rather than the “one trip” I thought it would be. I’ve seen kids grow, stretch, reach out, fall back and recover, and now my “original” youth group kids are getting married and having kids of their own. It’s magical and I want to help be a part of building that community at Holy Communion.


Many of our youth are also leaders in the Diocesan Youth Council. We participate in events that connect us with youth from Episcopal Churches from around our area. Click here for the latest from the Diocesan Youth Ministry.


We arrange for youth confirmation on an “as needed” basis. Please speak to Laurie if you’d like to get ready for Confirmation.