Islamic Center Open House

Join us Sunday April 29 after church for a visit with our Islamic neighbors!

Northwest Islamic Center of St. Louis, MO is hosting an Open House event for anyone interested in building interfaith relationships. Members of the community are invited for a tour of the mosque and a brief presentation giving an overview of Islam. There will also be a display of Islamic art and clothing from all over the Muslim world. Samples of foods from different Muslim countries will be provided. If you would like to attend there will be a carpool leaving from Holy Communion after the 10:30 service on April 29. The center is located at 10543 Lackland Rd.

It is important to think about what you will wear to the mosque. Out of respect for a different faith and culture, modest dress is requested.

This is a short guide on “modest dress” from the North American Imams Federation: “Visitors to the mosque are requested to dress modestly, which means men can wear sleeved shirts and pants/jeans that cover your knees at least. Women are requested to wear long bottoms. A head scarf is preferred, but not mandatory. Choose something conservative. Be comfortable.” Read more about visiting a mosque here.