Missa Popularis Premier

On April 29th, the choir of Holy Communion will have the distinct honor of presenting the Missa Popularis by Swedish composer Mårten Jansson during our 10:30am service.  This will be first time this work has been performed in its entirety outside of Europe.  Until then, only audiences in Poland (Poznan), the United Kingdom (London), Germany (Cologne and Pulheim), and Sweden (Brunnby and Skeda, outside of Uppsala) had been able to enjoy this delightful work.

The Missa Popularis was originally written for an all-girls choir and string quartet, and was premiered in Poland in 2015.  Eventually lines for tenor and bass were added,  complementing the women’s voices and adding a richer texture to the piece. As the name suggests,Missa Popularis is a Missa brevis inspired by different types of Swedish folk dances, music that the composer heard often while growing up.  While the tunes are entirely original, the meter, or timing, of each movement is based on folk dances.

Listen to the “Gloria” from this beautiful Missa Popularis.

Composer Mårten Jansson (b. 1965), elected member of the Föreningen svenska tonsättare (the Society of Swedish Composers), graduated from the Kungliga Musikhögskolan (Royal College of Music), Stockholm with a MFA degree in Music Education, Dalcroze Eurhythmics and Voice. For more than ten years he was the music director and conductor of “Carmen,” one of the most prominent women’s vocal ensembles in Sweden. Working with this choir gave Jansson the impetus to write many of his early compositions for female choir. “The knowledge that what I wrote at night would be tested the next evening was a driving force that not so many other composers were lucky to have.”

Jansson currently teaches choral conducting as well as music theory and gives vocal instruction at the Bolandgymnasiet and Musikskolan in his home town of Uppsala.  He has established himself as a composer of sacred choral works. Since 2014 many of his compositions have been published by Bärenreiter, and have been well-received within the international choral scene.

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