Holy Communion’s Next 150

The day has come! Your vestry signed a contract and we received a permit to begin our renovations. In the coming weeks areas of Holy Communion will be cordoned off as the work begins updating our sanctuary, upstairs bathrooms, and kitchen. We will be worshipping in Mitchell Hall for most of the fall season, and our Forum and breakfast will be happening downstairs in the undercroft space.

We are pleased to announce a new total for our capital campaign. Thanks to some generous stretching we have received an additional $70,000 in giving with brings our new total to $926,825. Thank you for your generosity! Together we have made this campaign a success.  We are living into our values and investing in our future. Thank you for making this work possible!

Listen to the conversation from September 15 with our architect.

Capital Campaign Video:

Go deeper: videos and materials from earlier stages of the campaign.

Latest Update:

The work on the renovation is getting closer and closer to the finish line. This week the clear glass windows in the chapel arrived. These windows eventually will be behind the new stained glass work, but when we move back into the church there will be clear glass in the chapel. (Right now the view of the fall leaves of UCity through the glass is stunning). The new windows are double insulated, which will improve our environmental footprint. They also drastically cut down the noise from Delmar, making the chapel a much quieter place for prayer.

This week also saw a great deal of “behind the scenes” work, upgrading our electrical and plumbing. We were without power two mornings this week. We apologize if you tried to get ahold of the office when we were closed. The plumbing did have at least one exciting output. The drinking fountain downstairs now has a water bottle filling station, with chilled filtered water. How many plastic water bottles do you think we’ll save in the first year?

We apologize for the inconvenience the renovations are causing. For the next few weeks, we will still not have access to our restrooms upstairs. Please make your way to the larger restrooms downstairs. Soon our upstairs gender inclusive restrooms will be more accessible, and will be nicely refinished.

Your generosity is making all this work possible! 

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The work begins! Some of the 120+ year old pipework which will be refurbished and reused in our new organ was removed today, the first step in our Next 150 capital campaign work!

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Above you can see some of our historic pipework which has been removed to be refurbished and incorporated into our new organ.

The vestry is currently working to revise plans with our architect to ensure we are able to accomplish our vision. If you have not yet pledged, or you are able to “stretch” with us, you can use the link below to pledge (or add to your pledge).

If you are able to help us stretch our budget, more of the work will be realized.

Take a look at our campaign brochure by clicking here.

Speak with the rector or campaign leadership to make or stretch your pledge today. You can pledge online by clicking here.

More about the campaign

The Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion has reached its 150th anniversary. Such a milestone is an opportunity to celebrate and to reflect.

Beginning in Spring of 2018, our vestry led a discernment process. We gathered one to one, in small groups, and in large meetings. This past fall we released a feasibility study to the parish asking “How can we make smart investments that help us live into our mission for the next 150 years?”

The results of the feasibility study were strong and identified important priorities. We now ask you to contribute to the Capital Campaign for Holy Communion’s Next 150. 

Take a look at the photos from the kickoff event on February 24!
Photos from the Kickoff are available on Flickr. Click here for the full album.