Our Organ

Stay tuned, the updated organ is in progress!

Holy Communion’s organ is currently under restoration by Robert Dial organbuilders as part of our “Next 150” campaign. We hope to have the instrument re-installed in early 2020. Our 1924 Möller pipe organ, Opus 4022 incorporated pipes from an even more historic 1893 Farrand and Votey organ. The organ formerly consisted of three manuals, 4 divisions, and 71 registers. The newly renovated organ will incorporate much of the historic pipework, and will be augmented by digital pipes.

You can see the specifications for our rebuilt organ by clicking here.

Organ case drawings: For the first time in the current church, pipes will be visible to the congregation. The pipe case will form the west wall of our chancel.

The State of our Organ before renovations:

As part of our “Next 150” Campaign, the vestry determined to prioritize the restoration and augmentation of our organ. The organ is one of our most historic assets, and a system that was in need of some significant care. You can learn about it’s former state in this video: