Red Pentecost altar frontal

Pentecost Readings

Have you been brushing up on another language during the quarantine? Or do you speak/read another language in general? Help with our celebration for Pentecost!

In previous years, our Pentecost service has featured a special collection of readings in languages from all across the globe. This year, we’re hoping to keep with that tradition even though we won’t be gathered together physically in the church building.

We are looking for volunteers to record themselves reading the Pentecost reading in languages other than English to be added to a video we can play on that Sunday.

As the disciples start speaking in other languages in the reading, the voices of the lectors reading in another language will join them. Please record your video in landscape format (wide rather than tall), make sure your face is visible and your voice is understandable. Try not to record in the windy outdoors…

Email your Recordings to Wednesday May 27 by 9:00am

You can print out a selection of the lessons below. We invite you to participate in other languages as well. We can assist with finding a translation for you to use, just email or call!

Readings in other languages: