(re)Build a House With Us

The Building Committee would like to thank all the volunteers who have come out so far to help with the remodel of our house on Gannon street. Amazing progress has been made at Gannon House – thanks to many volunteers lending a hand. Their efforts have been so successful, an online Gannon House Work Group has been formed, comprised of past participants or those who have expressed some interest in helping with the project.

History of the Gannon Property:

In 1999 Holy Communion purchased the house at 7400 Gannon, directly behind the church. We needed to own the property in order to change the lot size so we could add an elevator that met the Americans with Disabilities Act standards. The elevator was part of a large renovation project on our historic 1938 building. When we purchased the house, we agreed that the longtime owner would remain in place and pay $1 per year in rent. The owner moved into an assisted living facility in 2014, just as Holy Communion was entering into a rector transition. After looking at options from creating a parking lot (not enough space) to opening a coffee shop (unlikely we could get a commercial permit,) in 2016 the vestry decided to renovate the building for residential use. A renovation could allow several options for use of the house, including 1) adding income to support our ongoing operations, 2) renting the facility to another non-profit at below market rates to help house an immigrant or refugee family or 3) using the home as part of the compensation for an eventual Assistant Rector.  A renovated house opens up a number of scenarios for our church in the coming years.

The Robert Fund has offered, and the vestry has accepted, a $35,000 loan to the parish for the renovation of the house. The loan comes with no interest, and will be payable over 5 years beginning in 2018. In the next months you’ll start seeing crews working on the property. In 2017 we will be discerning how this house will help expand the ministry of Holy Communion.

Great looking floors hid under old carpet.

The team from February 25 filled a dumpster during demolition!