Faithful Action

Faithful Action is a collective at Holy Communion dedicated to working for Justice and building power in our region. We stand together on important issues, and we seek to follow Jesus by walking with the most vulnerable in our society. In recent years we have worked for sensible gun reform, written our representatives about refugees and immigrants, and we’ve participated in our region’s discussions about race and policing. Join us as we work for change

Actions going on at Holy Communion right now:

Immigration Reform

Stop family separation! Recognize Asylum and work for Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

Migrants attempting to draw attention to the dangerous conditions in Central America recently arrived at the U.S. border. These migrants, the majority of whom are asylum seekers, call us to engage in dialogue and advocacy around protections for asylum-seekers. The administration has taken the radical step of enforcing “zero tolerance” with these migrants, which results in children and families being separated at the border.

The Episcopal Church has longstanding policy affirming the universal right to seek asylum, and we recognize the need to protect vulnerable individuals. Read this OGR Update to learn more about asylum, and then enter your information below to express your support of asylum to Congress, and denounce the practice of separating families at the border.

We ask you to work with the Episcopal Public Policy Network and

Contact your representatives today.

You can also learn more about our ongoing work with Cristosal, a Central American partner advocating for Human Rights.

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Recent Actions:

March for Our Lives and Winning against Conceal Carry!

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We helped beat Missouri House Bill 1936, expanding Conceal Carry.

In Spring of 2018, our clergy and lay leaders helped to organize the faith community of St. Louis in opposition to legislation that would have allowed concealed weapons to be brought into churches, day care centers, campuses, and bars.

Read about the proposed law we defeated in this article.