Gun Violence Prevention

Praying and Acting

Holy Communion has been working, alongside various partners, to curb gun violence in our region and our nation. Our prayers matter. But sometimes we have to pray with our feet.

In addition to our prayers, we take concrete action.

We have worked against newly proposed changes to Missouri Law to allow conceal-carry in houses of worship. We had a large contingent join in the “March for Our Lives” in downtown St. Louis, joining the student-led movement for sensible gun reform. We also regularly ask members of our “Faithful Action” group to contact their representatives, asking for changes like universal background checks, a ban on assault weapons, and high capacity magazines.

We know there are responsible gun owners, hunters and sportsman. We also know our current culture around guns has resulted in terrible tragedy. We hope, pray, and act that we might work together for change.

In response to a new conceal-carry law in 2016, Holy Communion’s vestry declared our church property a “weapon-free” zone.

When we proclaim a principle in our public witness, it is important to practice it personally. Along with the Diocese of Missouri we ask all gun owners:

“Please ensure that all guns in your home are locked and secured against use by children or those suffering agonizing despair.”

We regularly partner with Women’s Voices Raised in their “Lock it for Love” campaign, raising money to buy free gunlocks for anyone who needs one. Every one of the Holy Communion t-shirts we sell buys a gun lock. We also sometimes hold fundraisers like scarf sales to raise money. If you’re in need of a free gun lock, contact Women’s Voices Raised.

Finally, the Rev. Marc Smith, our Priest Associate is also the Bishop’s Deputy for gun violence prevention. Marc is leading initiatives in the healthcare community and around our region to curb gun violence. If you want to learn more, contact Marc at

Learn more about our Bishops Deputy for Gun Violence Prevention

The Rev. Marc Smith is working on initiatives across our region. Learn more about his work on behalf of Episcopalians throughout Missouri.

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Faithful Action: Make change

Learn about our group working to make change, sign up for alerts to join in the action.

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Lock it for Love: Women's Voices Raised

Our partners at Women's Voices Raised give away free gun locks to whomever needs them. We regularly help raise money for the effort.

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