Small Groups

As a church grows, one of the most consistent pieces of feedback leaders hear is this: “I don’t know everyone anymore.” A church with more members means we have to be intentional about finding community within the wider church.

At Holy Communion, we are working to offer more opportunities to connect, to feel known, to find companions on the walk of faith. We are highlighting the work of smaller group  communities within the community.

The Parish Guild

The Guild joins in Bible study each Wednesday at 11a, and gathers for lunch the first and third Wednesday after Eucharist (Usually about 12:30pm). The Guild is open to all people, regardless of age or gender.

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Men's Prayer

The Men's Prayer group meets the First Saturday of most months. This is an intentional intergenerational multi-racial space for prayer, for fellowship, and just to catch up. Our Deacon Chester Hines leads men's prayer.

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Pilgrimage: A group for Newcomers and Inquirers

Pilgrimage is a class, but it is also a community. For 4 months of the Fall a group gathers to share the journey of faith on one Sunday each month. Speak to the rector for more information or sign up today.

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The Parish Choir

They say when you sing, you pray twice. The Parish choir has long been one of our "communities within the community." They rehearse each Thursday evening and Sunday morning before worship. Speak with Mary Chapman to set up an audition.

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Base Communities

Base Communities are a new set of small groups, growing at Holy Communion. Since last fall one group has been meeting and another is forming this Fall. The group gathers in homes for dinner, shared story, and fellowship. Fill out the form if you are interested in joining, or forming, a base community.

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