Thanksgiving 2020

This year, many of us are making the difficult decision not to gather with our wider families and friends for Thanksgiving. As the numbers of infections skyrocket, we are choosing to sacrifice traditions this year for the sake of next.

Parish Thanksgiving Recipes

Check out our thanksgiving Cookbook. You can still add recipes using the form at the bottom.

Worship with us on Friday November 27 at 10:30am

On so-called “black Friday”, we’re going to gather for a simple service of Morning Prayer on Zoom at 10:30am. The link is below. The service will be simple, we’ll have some scripture, a little music, and a chance to share with one another around the question: “For what are you thankful?”

Make a Thanksgiving Donation

If you were planning to travel, and now are not, consider using some of the financial savings to ease the burden of others. Our emergency fund has been used to help in the pandemic. We’ve provided assistance to members of our community who are struggling to pay rent, utilities, even transportation. We’ve also been able to make larger than usual contributions to our partners in El Salvador and at Trinity Food Ministry.
If you are in need of help, reach out to the clergy.

Prayers for Thanskgiving

The church is planning to gather folks for a short service on Zoom during the Thanksgiving holiday. (Stay tuned for a time). We also offer these prayers for your use.

Prayer of for the Day
(consider using just before a meal)

Almighty and gracious God, we give you thanks for the
fruits of the earth in their season and for the labors of those
who harvest them. Make us, we pray, faithful stewards of
your great bounty, for the provision of our necessities and
the relief of all who are in need, to the glory of your Name;
through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with
you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen.

Litany for Thanskgiving

Adapted from the Book of Common Prayer p 836ff

Let us give thanks to God our creator for all the gifts so
freely bestowed upon us.

For the beauty and wonder of your creation, in earth and
sky and sea.
We thank you, Lord.

For all that is gracious in the lives of human beings,
revealing the image of Christ,
We thank you, Lord.

For our daily food and drink, our homes and families, and
our friends,
We thank you, Lord.

For minds to think, and hearts to love, and hands to serve,
We thank you, Lord.

For health and strength to work, and leisure to rest and play,
We thank you, Lord.

For the brave and courageous, who are patient in suffering
and faithful in adversity,
We thank you, Lord.

For all valiant seekers after truth, liberty, and justice,
We thank you, Lord.

For the communion of saints, in all times and places,
We thank you, Lord.

Above all, we give you thanks for the great mercies and
promises given to us in Christ Jesus our Lord;
To Christ be praise and glory, with you, O God, and the
Holy Spirit, now and for ever. Amen.