The work of Regathering: Pandemic October Update

Dear People of Holy Communion,

For the foreseeable future, Holy Communion will continue to worship primarily online. Last month I wrote to tell you of the formation of our “re-gathering committee.” In our first meeting, it became clear that it was not yet time to focus our work on preparing for indoor worship. As one of the medical doctors on the committee noted, “the numbers just don’t support making a change right now. There’s too much virus out there.” The committee, in fact, decided our work was not so much “re-gathering” as “advising” the vestry about the state of the pandemic. Out of abundance of caution, out of love for our neighbor, we will stay the course.

The vestry and the committee wish to emphasize, the safest way to worship, the safest way to gather remains virtual. We will continue to worship primarily as an online community. In person gatherings will be permitted outdoors. The committee refined our guidelines, which are listed below. In addition to mask-wearing, registration for contact tracing, and social distancing we now ask all folks who choose to gather at our outdoor gatherings to take their temperature and monitor their other symptoms. If you have symptoms, stay home.

While we cannot gather in our building, we are making provision for distanced, masked, careful pilgrimages to visit the building. You can sign up for those pilgrimages here.

In the coming weeks, you will see a series of invitations. We will invite you to come outside for Theology on Tap, for drive-in services. We also invite you to help us to imagine new ways to gather safely. Your senior warden, Shirley Mensah, said to me: “the committee has decided that, for now, it isn’t safe to gather the way we once did. That means it is the whole congregation’s job to figure out how to re-gather.” If you have an idea for an online event for fellowship, prayer, or learning, if you would like to host a small outdoor service of communion in your backyard or a local park, get in touch. We would love to work with you, as we imagine how to gather safely.

In Christ,

Read the Fall plan passed unanimously by the vestry.

Watch the forum presentation about the state of worship and gathering with Dr. Alison Nash, Susan Norris, and the Rector: