T-Shirts and Gear

Holy Communion over the years has had a number of t-shirts. Now we have our own shop on Threadless. You can order t-shirts, baby outfits, mugs, and even cell-phone cases with our banner image, the words of Desmond Tutu. “Goodness is Stronger than Evil.” Show off your Holy Communion Pride, and watch the store as we update with more designs in the months to come.

These shirts run small. Consider ordering a “size up” (or even two).

You can see the shirt fit dimensions here if you click on the “Product information & size chart” link on the bottom of each product page.

Click here to order Holy Communion’s new T-shirts, phone cases, sweatshirts, kids-wear, and mugs.

We are also partnered with Bravely:

Bravely was conceived by women survivors of sexual exploitation and addiction. We have a message we want to share with the world: that recovery from trauma is possible through love, compassion, and community. Women employed at Bravely are participants in the Magdalene St. Louis residential program—a community where women live and recover together. Women in this program will likely have first experienced sexual abuse between the ages of 7 and 11, started using drugs by age 12 or 13, and have been on the streets since age 14. But now we are on the journey to recovery from our past and we journey together bravely.

Click here to shop at Bravely.

If you’re looking for Episcopal Gear

The Cathedral Bookshop in Atlanta has a great selection on their website. You can order key tags, flip flops, even dog leashes with The Episcopal Church’s Logo:


Click here for Episcopal Gear