Virtual Coffee Hour

After the live stream service on Sunday, you can join us for “Virtual Coffee Hour’ B.Y.O.C. (Bring your Own Coffee) via Zoom Video Chat from ~11:30 until 12:30pm Download the Zoom App ahead of time, so you are ready.

The link to the Virtual Coffee Hour can be found in our latest emails to the parish. We don’t publish zoom links online, out of an abundance of caution. Sign up here to join our mailing list.

We’ll launch the Zoom conference right after the service is over. If enough folks sign in, we’ll break up into small groups, so we have some time to catch up.

BRING SOMETHING SILLY TO SHARE! This week, given how much difficult news we’ve all been facing, we’re asking folks to consider bringing something silly to share. Show us an art piece, something you’ve discovered in your basement, an old halloween costume. Let’s play “show and tell” as we catch up. 

(For coffee hour, we will only be offering computer or app sign in. We’re sorry to say that in a large group, phone calls are too difficult to manage. If you’d like a conference call to catch up, or if Sunday morning doesn’t work for you, check out our “Prayer and Connection” groups. The Wednesday 11am Bible study is entirely by conference call, and if you let us know ahead of time, we can even call you).