Advent Church Visits

While we are not ready to welcome large groups for indoor worship, we believe we have found a way for people to visit the church and spend some time in the sacred space with minimal risk. Pandemic protocols are in place.

On Sundays through December 20 from 2pm-3pm there are spaces available to sign up. We have also added spaces for Christmas Day. Our newly renovated organ will be playing during the visits! If we “fill up” we will release more time slots.

Visitors and Parishioners may walk the labyrinth (while maintaining social distance) pray and meditate in the church. You can also sign up to receive Eucharist from a priest on your way in to the building.

Visits will be limited to 15 minutes, and the number of visitors in the space will be limited to no more than 2 households at a time.

Policies for in-person visits:

We ask that you arrive at the start of your visitation window.

  • Masks Required: Every participant age 5 and older must wear a mask. These masks should cover the mouth and nose (a loose bandana or face shield is not acceptable). Masks should not include a valve. If you are not healthy enough to wear a mask, we encourage you to stay home.
  • Physical Distancing: The church will be arranged so that it is easy for each individual or household to keep a minimum of six feet between themselves and other individuals/households. Please be mindful of signs and markers in the space and maintain distance.
  • Contact Tracing: Leaders will keep a full list of names, email addresses and phone numbers for participants. Please communicate with the church if you receive a coronavirus diagnosis or are under observation. We ask that you let us know, so we can let others know they may need to speak with their doctor.
  • Self Screening: We ask that you not come if you (or anyone from your household) are experiencing a fever, chills, cough, body aches, sore throat, trouble breathing ,loss of taste or smell, new or worsening diarrhea. It is also recommended that you take your temperature at home, and if your temp is over 100 you should not attend. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, we encourage you to get in touch with your healthcare provider.