Funerals/Memorial Services

A funeral or memorial service provides an opportunity for friends and family to gather and give thanks for a life and commend their loved one to the eternal love of God. One of the most moving services of the church is the Burial of the Dead (found in The Book of Common Prayer, p. 491–505). At a funeral service, the body or cremated remains are present; a memorial service is one where the remains are not present.

During the Pandemic:

Memorial Services are currently limited to online worship. You can see an example of an online memorial service on our worship archive by clicking here. We offer both a Virtual Reception on Zoom, and a virtual guest book/registration. Clergy are also available for very small graveside services, with pandemic precautions in place.

Outside of the pandemic:

Depending upon the family’s wishes and room availability, receptions following a funeral or memorial service may take place in Mitchell Parish Hall.

Clergy are always ready to offer prayers for someone who has died and walk with you through the profound mystery of grief and loss.

To reach a member of the clergy concerning a death, call the parish office at 314-721-7401. If it is after office hours, you will be prompted on how to reach a clergy member.

The Columbarium

Churches have traditionally laid the departed to rest on their grounds. Burial at the church is a statement of our faith in the resurrection. In keeping with that tradition, Holy Communion established a columbarium. The term columbarium is derived from columba, the Latin word for dove, a universal symbol of God’s love and peace.

Our columbarium is located in the St. Francis Chapel, separated from the Nave by a glass partition. It offers a peaceful and dignified space where the cremated remains of loved ones may be laid to rest and cared for in perpetuity in a space that is both beautiful and sacred.

The columbarium at Holy Communion is intentionally kept affordable for our members and their loved ones. A niche at Holy Communion is significantly less expensive than in other burial sites in Missouri. Make sure you let your mortuary know that a niche in the columbarium includes an urn specially made to hold the remains of your loved one in the space. Other urns are not allowed for practical reasons. Financial assistance is available for those who need such help.

Niches in the columbarium provide a beautiful, peaceful and welcoming space for you to remember the people you love who have died.

To learn more about the columbarium, or to make a reservation, speak with our Director of Operations.