Serve in the Liturgy

Worship at Holy Communion is at the center of our life together. Each Sunday we rely on volunteers behind the scenes and during the service. If you would like to get involved, become a reader, help arrange flowers, help prepare the altar for worship, serve the chalice, or help lead a procession please fill out the form below.

You can access the leaders schedule online:
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    The most up to date is to sign in to our Online Church Directory. Then in the menu on the left hand side click “Serve” (Serve has a heart logo next to it. If you’re on a small screen, you may just see a heart logo). You’ll see all of the times you are scheduled to serve.  (You can also use this tab to let us know ahead of time what Sundays you aren’t available, which is incredibly helpful for scheduling). 
New Volunteer Signup

If you aren’t currently a Sunday morning volunteer, and you’d like to be,

Serve in Worship

Ways to serve:

Our Acolyte Ministry gives children the opportunity to fully participate in the 10:30 a.m. service as crucifers and torchbearers.    They wear acolyte robes, and are taught all the details of the worship ceremony.   Acolytes derive a deeper liturgical experience while assuring that church service runs smoothly. Acolyting at special services, such as Christmas and Easter, is done on a volunteer basis. 

Sacristans (Altar Guild)
The Sacristans are a group of laypersons entrusted with the responsibility of preparing the altar for the Holy Eucharist and caring for the communion vessels after the service. They do the holy work in the background preparing the linens, candles, wine, and wafers on the altar, and caring for the church and vessels between services.

Ushers offer a warm greeting to our worshipers, provide information, assist people to their seats, take up the collection, and supervise the congregation going to Communion.  Ushers are assigned to one of four teams and serve in a once-monthly rotation.

Our team of greeters serve in a ministry of hospitality after services, helping to welcome newcomers.

Lay Readers
A lay reader is a member of the congregation who reads one or two passages from Holy Scripture.  Lay Readers are scheduled based on their availability and serve at Sunday morning and holiday services.

Chalice Bearers
A Chalice Bearer assists clergy with distributing the wine during Holy Communion. Any older youth or adult may become a chalice bearer following training.

Flower Ministry
The flower ministry group are arranged in teams of 2-3 people who buy and arrange fresh cut flowers for the altar. Each team serves once every 4-6 weeks, and the whole group comes together to decorate the church for Easter and Christmas.