What is a vestry?

The vestry is the legal representative of the parish with regard to all matters pertaining to its corporate property (that is to say, the vestry functions like a non-profit board). Our vestry consists of nine members, elected by our annual meeting of the whole parish to staggered three year terms. Vestry members are usually elected at the annual parish meeting. The presiding officer of the vestry is the rector. There are two wardens. The senior warden leads the parish between rectors and is a support person for the rector. The junior warden has responsibility for church property and buildings. A treasurer and a secretary or clerk are elected by the vestry. These officers may or may not be vestry members. The basic responsibilities of the vestry are to help define and articulate the mission of the congregation; to support the church’s mission by word and deed, to select the rector (in the case of a vacancy), to ensure effective organization and planning, and to manage resources and finances.


Vestry Minutes

Vestry Appreciations

January 2020: Eliana Haig for her wonderful work with our children’s pageant and the song, “Chatter with the Angels.”

Our Vestry Members:

Shirley Mensah

(elected to second term 2019). Shirley was appointed Senior Warden in June of 2018.

Warren Davis

(elected to first term 2019) Warren serves as Junior Warden.

Brian Barnhart

(elected to second term 2020) Brian serves as Treasurer.

Sherifa Bethune

(elected to first term 2020)

Rudy Nickens

(elected to first term 2018)

Susan Norris

(elected to second term 2018)

Megan Ondr-Cooper

(elected to first term 2019)

Patricia Redington

(elected to second term 2020)