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Current Campaigns:

Ask the new Biden Administration to get serious about Immigration Reform

Holy Communion’s works in partnership with Cristosal, a Human Rights organization in El Salvador, and we often collaborate with IFCLA (The St. Louis Inter-Faith Committee on Latin America). As a new administration takes up work in Washington, we will be working to highlight ways you can raise your voice in support of refugees and immigrants.

Right now: Sign a petition for Alex Garcia

Alex Garcia has spent the last 39 months living in fear of deportation in a Sanctuary church in St. Louis. Sign your name on to the petition to re-open Alex’s case.

As many of you have see in the recent days President Elect Joe Biden has shown strong support in fixing our broken…

Posted by IFCLA – St. Louis Inter-Faith Committee on Latin America on Thursday, January 14, 2021

Past Actions:

Stressed out by the election?

Our rector recommends an article by Russell Siler Jones Th.D., LCMHCS.

What if, then, asks the spiritually oriented psychotherapist, you approach this entire situation—the political campaigning, the 24-hour coverage and commentary, the polarized arguing and propagandizing on social media, and the grip it has on you, your fear, your anger, and especially your feelings of hate—all of it, as a spiritual practice?

Russell Siler Jones.

Why this work? Why now?

On February 9, we held a well attended screening of the film “Rigged” and a conversation with Denise Lieberman, which you can watch below.

Summer 2019: A Stand against Immigrant Detention

July 31-August 1 Rev. Laurie Anzilotti lead a delegation from Holy Communion on the Jewish Federation of St. Louis‘s Take Action in Oklahoma trip, to protest the detention of immigrant families and children.

April 2018 Interfaith Leaders Say No to Open Carry in Houses of Worship

Read the article from the Post Dispatch.

From our Rector’s Pentecost Sermon:

We are making a difference

This is a movement for love, and we are making a difference. I have to take just a moment to say thank you to members of this congregation. Many of you made phone calls, sent emails, even wrote letters to our Missouri legislature this session. We were working against the so-called “guns everywhere” legislation, that would have expanded Missouri’s conceal-carry automatically into houses of worship, into college campuses, and in day cares. People could have come in with concealed weapons. You stood with religious leaders from across our State, and I heard yesterday that the legislature finished its session without passing that dangerous proposed law.

This is a small incremental step, but it’s an important one. If we are going to build on this win. If we are going to build a coalition of people of faith who will stand together for love, for justice. We also need to take time celebrate the victories, and we won this day. Justice won. Love won. When we continue to hear about shootings, while our gun laws still do not protect enough of God’s children, we have to celebrate the wins, and we have to build momentum. Thank you for continuing to stand for sensible gun reform. You won this one. Keep the faith.

March 2018 The March for Our Lives



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