Holy Communion is particularly proud of the diverse and rich music you will find at our parish. On any given Sunday you might sing a classic English hymn, an African-American spiritual, or hear a piece by a modern composer. Our semi-professional choir adds a great depth to our music during the program year. Several Sundays during the year we have a Music Festival to celebrate a holiday, or showcase particular composer or genre of music.

We have also begun introducing community songs done in the Music That Makes Community movement, which people learn together and connect through the use of paperless song. We’re not getting rid of our hymnals, nor are we turning our backs on our Anglican roots by moving toward strictly contemporary song. And we certainly are not giving up on the choir! Rather these songs, which are easily learned and can be sung without music, are intended to enhance our worship and bring us together as a community.

And that’s something that the members of our Choir know to be true: making music together turns us into a stronger community. During our weekly rehearsals, we learn new music, review pieces we already know, and we laugh – a lot. While we always have a great deal of music to learn and sing, we always find time to laugh together. That sense of community is what leads us to be the music ministers for our church. It is our belief that through song, we are opening our hearts to God and welcoming God more fully into our lives.

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