Holy Communion Recommends

The clergy and staff at Holy Communion are often asked for their recommendations for good reading, online learning, and ways to engage with kids about faith. How do we take faith beyond Sunday worship and formation? In the pages below, you will find some suggestions for reading, watching, listening, and doing. We hope some of these recommendations spur your journey of faith. If you’d like to learn more, or make your own recommendation. Speak to a member of our clergy and staff.


Recommended Reading

This is a curated list of books, bible translations, and works by Episcopalian (and Interfaith) authors to help continue you journey of faith.

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Online Resources

In our digital world, how can you plug into the ongoing conversation of faith. This list of meditations, apps, and podcasts is a beginning on these questions.

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For Kids and Families

How can you instill and inspire faith at home? We know there are a lot of companies marketing “Christian” stories to kids and families. Here you’ll find a few of our staff and parents’ recommended books and resources for families and kids.

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